Free Workshop
 September 17, 2021 @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST
  • Achieve your epic life now, not tomorrow. Release everything that stops you from living the amazing life of your dreams. 
  • ​Discover the secret to creating the awareness that you want to achieve in your life and finally see the results from all of your actions.
  • Unblock all energy blockages in order to create everything you want NOW and activate the energy of fast movement in life!
Mind Mastery Meets Spirituality
What stops you from achieving your dreams? 

Do you put in the effort, work hard, and create daily, but find that there’s always something missing? 

It's time to reach your highest potential. 

In this workshop, we will explore the union of the Power of Mind (how to shift your mindset in order to achieve your goals faster) and the Power of Energy (how to unblock invisible energy blocks that stop you from living the life of your dreams). 
What You'll Learn:
  How Mind Mastery & Spiritual Awareness Accelerate Achievement & Growth in Your Life Now, Not Tomorrow! 
How Dimensional Meditation & Masterminds Can Help You to Create Your Epic Life
The Formula Powerful Business Men & Women Use to Access Long-Lasting Transformation & Success
Rock & Rose - Our Mission
We Connect the Mastermind & Spiritual Awakening for Your Ultimate Transformation. 

We created Life Divine in order to provide the path for real transformation in our demanding, fast-paced world. We merge the strong analytical mind with spiritual awakening, the masculine with the feminine, and intuition with action.

We believe that when East meets West, there is a beautiful balance of energy that allows you to harness your inner power and become the creator of your life. 

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What Others Are Saying ...
"Rock and Rose bring a dichotomy I really like – they bring in the analytical, hard-charging growth, and soften it to working on the internal, invisible stuff, where we can step into our power and let go what we’re holding back. This event allows us to go out, work harder, and achieve better results."
"Rock is such a masculine force. I find that I really connect with him and I get so much out of his content. With Rosie, she has such great intuition. I’ve had such amazing, beautiful meditation moments where I feel like I’ve made some huge breakthroughs with her
guided meditations."
"Rock & Rose speak to the masculine and feminine energy in us. Those two energies, when they come together, they open you up to the fullness of who you are. This event helps you overcome the barriers you had, it helps you to keep rising. It helps you to break free."
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